Timecode pen is a device that allows both consumer and professional grade cameras to be in sync no matter where they are situated. Device delivers time code signal via professional timecode port or via audio channel. All devices get their correct time from GPS. Timecode pen is fully automated device that will never need manual setup.


Shooting videos with multiple cameras is spreading also amongst hobbyists. However, most of them need manual synchronisation of camera pictures for movie editing. On professional level tools are used, which create a wireless network on shooting location for transmitting time code information. Time code information is received by special receivers attached to cameras. Such system is quite clumsy and expensive – costing thousands of euros per setup and these systems need expertise handling.


Timecode pen is a device that does not need base station to be in sync with other pens. It takes correct time signal from GPS and you can always be sure that one pen is synced with another and they will not drift away. Even if you plan to film a marathon – having one camera in start and another in finish – tens of kilometers away. You can use as many Timecode Pens as You need – no restrictions of base station.